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Howdy Penguins,

Welcome to PenguinNews24, your source of Club Penguin News of the latest events on Club Penguin. Me (Mr Penguin94) and Johnnycp will try to get you the latest events on Club Penguin the same day they come out.

You as the viewer of this site should try to be involved as much as possible. You can comment or help by pointing things out that we missed while posting.

I will try to have some contests every once in a while, and I was disappointed when no one came to my Seven Days of Green party, and I said the next time I have a party, and no one shows up for it, there will be no more contests on this site, and I will stick to my word.

Please when you come to this site, COMMENT and come back a lot! I love comments, but no one ever writes one.

AND, please don’t onluy come because there is a membership giveaway or something like that, Come because you want to see the news.

Until Next Time… Waddle On!

~Mr Penguin94~


Newspaper Issue #219

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It’s Thursday so I got my weekly newspaper from Club Penguin! I’m sorry to who didn’t but you can always view it here!

Well, the igloo winners and and Coins for Change results are in, finally!

We raised a lot of money to the environment this time! I think because of 201 movie and Global Warming! Here are reselts of the Coins for Change!


Now let’s go to the igloo contest winners! Well, I never won but other people did and they got 25,00 coins if they grand winner and if they were a runner ups they got 10000 coins! 3 cheers to all that won!

Well, let’s go to the upcoming event! There are huge and big events coming to Club Penguin on December 25th! Look below and get some info on them!


December 25th- New Stage Play- Quest for the Golden Puffle!( Cheats will come late cuz of Christmas Day)

January 1st 2010- New Year Fireworks till January 3rd 2010 and New Clothing Catalog and New Pin!

January 8th 2010- New Postcards ( New Year Ones)!


What Screenhog Says…

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Screenhog’s Do Not Miss List

Season’s Greetings Penguins. Screenhog here!

The Holiday Party will be done on December 28th and we didn’t want you to miss anything.


• Santa’s Sleigh Ride – did you deliver all the presents and get your prize yet?

• Lighthouse Stage – did you get the chance to try out the new song?

• Pictures With Santa – in the Book Room upstairs in the Coffee Shop!

• Coffee Shop – have you tried clicking the toy train running along the top?

• Pizza Shop – have you tried clicking the various plates and foods on the table?

• Toy Trains – speaking of which, did you find all the toy trains around the island? I found 4!

• Did you know? – you can see the giant tree in the Forest from the Cove?

The team’s always planning new stuff for you and we’d like to know the things you liked most about this party.

– Club Penguin Team

By Screenhog on December 23 2009

What Billybob Says…

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Happy Holidays!

Hello Penguins!

The party’s in full swing and everywhere you look, penguins are into the holiday spirit! Penguins in tree suits are decorating, reindeer are ice skating at the Dock, and lots of elves are making toys and singing songs. Let us know all the cool stuff you and your buddies are doing.

christmasiggy09.jpgIt’s awesome to see you all having so much fun! In other news, the results of Coins for Change and the winners of the igloo contest are gonna be announced on December 24th – so check out the blog and the newspaper Thursday!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on December 21 2009

Christmas Party and New Pin Cheats!

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Hello Penguins,

Welcome to my Ultimate Guide of the Christmas Party 09! Let’s start…

New Pin- Snowman Pin Cheats!

The New Pin is here and it is a Snowman Pin and it is located in Lodge Attic like last time, I think!

new pin

Congrats! You found the New Pin!

Free Items-Red Christmas Hat Cheats!

Well this time Club Penguin released only one free item and it is the Red Christmas Hat! Man they have released this so much times!

The Red Christmas Hat is located in the Ski Village at the right bottom corner!

Santa Hat

Congrats! You have now found the Red Christmas Hat!

Deck the Halls Igloo Contest Cheats!

They released the Igloo Contest! Man at first they showed the Hallween enter Page! That was hilarious for me!

Igloo Enter

It has the same procedure like last time! You click on the yellow igloo and then the Page will come up and you press Yes!

Members Only: Sleigh Ride and Santa Suit!

The following is only for Members!  Sorry Non Members! Club Penguin has posters every where about the Slight Ride! It is located in the Night Club Upstairs Room!

Sleigh Enter

Man this game is hard to play but it has some easy instructions! You just have press a button and then the present goes down! The objective of this game is to press the button and let the present go into Chimney! You have to get 15 presents land into a Chimney! Here is a picture of the Sligh!


Once you pass click LAND and then in 3 sec’s you land and there will be RARE item which is… a Santa Suit!

Santa Suit

Congrats! You have now passed the Game and this Johnnycp’s Holiday/Christmas Party 2009 Ultimate Guide!

Have fun!


Need YOUR Help

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Happy Holidays Penguins!

On my old blog, I would post a picture of EVERY room for a party and the important stuff also. I was wondering if I should take a picture of every room, just the important stuff, or the rooms I like the most and the important stuff. YOU get to choose, and I will make a decision on Sunday.

What Billybob Says…

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Hello Penguins!

It’s finally here! The wait’s over and the party’s arrived – there’s tons of lights, gifts, and special surprises! We recognize that lots of you have so many different kinds of celebrations this time of year and we want everyone to feel included so instead of calling it a Christmas Party this year we’re calling it the Holiday Party.


Don’t forget that the igloo contest starts today, and you’ll

be able to submit your holiday designs right from your igloo til Dec 20th. That’ll also be the last day of Coins For Change. Everyone’s been doing great with sharing coins and time around the community.

Let us know what you and your friends are doing at the party!!

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on December 18 2009

Club Penguin Times: Issue #218

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Ho-Ho-Ho Penguins!

The new issue of the Club Penguin Times is out! Cool Events are happening, and you don’t want to miss them!

Holiday Party Details:

Each present is a different activity you can do during the Holiday Party. It is like the 101 days of fun format, but for the Christmas Party. There is going to be a sleigh ride for members.

Coins for Change ending SOON:

If you want to donate to Coins for Change, DONATE NOW! Coins for Change is ending on Sunday. Stay tuned to see which organization get the most money. Also, it is your last chance to meet Rockhopper, so if you didn’t find him yet, GET TO IT!

Upcoming Events:

Tomorrow is the Christmas Party (Holiday Party, but I like Christmas Party better) and the new pin. I wonder what it will be?? Maybe the pin will be a better Christmas Tree than the first one. Who Knows??? On the 25th, new igloo music and return of the play Quest for the Golden Puffle. That play has been played too many times. On January 1st, fireworks will be launches and A NEW CLOTHING CATALOG! I wonder what will be in that issue.

Until Next Time…

~Mr Penguin94~


Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #218

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Hello Penguins,

Today is Thursday and I got my Weekly Newspaper from Club Penguin! It is filled with surprises and events! I hope you got one! If you never got it take a look right here on my blog! ( On my blog not this one! http://www.johnnycp06.com)

Click here for the Newspaper!

Well there’s a lot of things happening tomorrow but the biggest is the Christmas Party 2009! I’ll post the cheats when I come home from school! Sorry but I don’t have any authors to post them!

Upcoming Events!

December 18th- New Pin, Christmas Party, Igloo Contest!

December 20th- Coins for Change closes so keep on donating those coins( I donated 50000 coins!)!

December 25th- New Stage Play, New Igloo Music

January 1st 2010 ( Yay a New Year)- New Clothing Catalog, New Year’s Fireworks!

Well that all for this all for this year! Maybe next year be will have an Huge Anniversary like the 3rd Anniversary of Club Penguin! I can’t wait till tomorrow!


What Happy77 Says…

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Happy77 asks Igloo Artist

Greetings, Penguins!

Everyone’s getting ready for the Igloo Contest which starts December 18! We’re all stoked about making our homes look cool (especially with lots of candy canes)! I thought I’d get some tips from an igloo expert on how to really catch the judge’s attention.

What makes a prize-winning igloo? Can you give us any tips?

It’s not about how much furniture you use, it’s what you do with it! The judges look for creative, festive igloos. So use your imagination!

Picture 8.jpgAnd how do you enter your igloo in the competition?

You’ll see a special igloo button in your igloo December 18-20. When your igloo is ready, just click it to enter.

Lots of readers are curious about who the judges are… can you tell us?

We’ve got two really special guests this year and they’ve got really different tastes. By my beard, I’ll say nothing more!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77 on December 16 2009

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